IoT Network Integration

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  • PostGlobal® Track & Trace is now fully integrated with Sigfox IoT (Internet of Things) communication service provider and 0G network pioneer.
  • Integration of asset tracking with PostGlobal® Track and Trace module
  • Full visibility of parcel and mail from acceptance, right through to last mile and delivery
  • Entire tracking suite of both product and asset can be fully integrated with ERP solution already deployed.
  • Integration of PostGlobal® Track and Trace with Sigfox will now help in tagging the Parcels with IoT enabled roll cages/containers used for transportation.
  • Integration with Sigfox will enable the postal operators to track the assets fitted with IoT track devices. This will also facilitate customers in tracking their Parcels to a precise location.
  • Postal operators can see the availability of roll cages at each location in the country and movement of roll cages/containers can be tracked.
  • Optimize asset availability and minimize misuse and losses.
  • PostGlobal® Track & Trace module is fully integrated with - UPU CDS, IPS, ERP, SIGFOX